About Us

Open Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Who We Are

Hyperlearning AI was launched by Jillur Quddus, a computational mathematician, polyglot software engineer and technical architect, with the aim of providing free, hands-on and self-paced educational resources in the applied fields of computing, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, software engineering, data engineering, platform engineering and technical big-data & cloud distributed architecture.

Our Mission

To improve diversity in the fields of mathematics, science, engineering and technology by providing free, accessible, relevant and applicable educational resources in modern computing and artificial intelligence. By improving diversity in these fields along the entire academic and professional chain, we allow for all areas of society to have its say on the future relationship between humans and modern technology - something that is vitally important!


This site was developed by Jillur Quddus using the absolutely awesome Grav flat-file content management system, heavily customised to integrate with the fantastic EduField HTML template licensed from EnvyTheme. Finally, all 3rd party images (unless otherwise explicitly stated) have been sourced from Pixabay.